Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(Except for WAY too Much Snow) It Feels Like March

(Some salvia 'Black and Blue' cuttings, laurentia seedlings, and some cuttings that like it drier for dish gardens.)

This morning is the first morning I walked my boxer and it actually felt like a Spring day. It is sunny. The sky is blue.

There's still about 18" of snow most places and high banks pushed up along the roadsides. (Latest on the "snow watch".)

Maybe this is a good day to finish up that pruning! I think the maple sap might be running!


  1. The phrase in parentheses seems to be a rather large caveat.

    1. It is, isn't it! But in the interest of not getting down about Spring being on hold or rather totally absent; I prefer not to look down or side to side, so as to not see all the white stuff! If it was February the nice bright sun of yesterday and today would be making me all warm and happy. And, there are always all the cute little seedlings doing the chlorophyll thing up in the grow room! I sit there and breath in the photosynthesis vapors! LOL

  2. I know the people up here are tapping and waiting for the sap run, it is coming!!! It might be started today!