Saturday, August 20, 2016

Random Thoughts in the August Garden

After all the frivolous hosta with their funny lilac blooms have long since turned to ugly sticks, hosta plantingea's scented blooms open. They can be up to 6" long and the mounded plant continues to grow until August, when many other hosta are looking a bit worn. 
 In the muddle of green there is a lot to see as I look around. I had plenty of time to do that when I recently spent two hours removing the stump of a cherry tree in my garden. Who knew that a plant with such troubled growth would have a root system worthy of the healthiest of trees?

My Handsome Son in the throws of his lazy and brutish youth, was amazed it took me so long. He could have taken the initiative to remove it himself, although I believe it would have tested his mettle and resolve. I could always see progress, which kept me at it. I was amazed to discovers three roots as big around as my wrist radiating from the root ball nearly a foot down. With handsaw, clippers, and sharp shovel I did remove the root ball and drag the root and its five foot trunk out into the alleyway where my cute little chainsaw and I made quick work sawing it into manageable chunks. I may be slow these days, but I am dogged in my resolve, like the puppy to its root!

I am revamping my garden and have taken to choosing some samll task each day that gets me to my "Future Garden". It amazes me, that as knowledgeable as I feel I am at this point in my gardening life, that I managed to do...."X". You can fill in the blank. (Like the limey white hosta, I just this year planted in my front yard hosta bed for contrast which looks so jarring and totally out of place to me each time I drive out of my yard. I am sure it has damaged the sensibilities of some gardener neighbor.