Monday, November 23, 2009

The Folly of Not Visiting Botanical Gardens in the Fall

We all do it. We take in the spectacular bulb displays at our regional botanical gardens in the spring. We check out the latest offerings of annuals and perennials in our favorite nurseries in the spring. We make time for those destination nurseries in June and keep our eyes open to announcements of garden walks and open days.

Then the hot days of summer come along and our hanging baskets that looked so lush on Memorial Day and the 4th of July start to look a little ratty and its off to the beach. We sort of slack off on gardening until we get hit with bulb planting and our fall lawn work and garden clean up.

This next picture with its deep green and grey combo is visually relaxing after the happy yellow-orange-red combos of which we see so much.

This first is seven sons tree. The bark reminds me of a ninebark, but the color is much richer in its cinnamon hue. After flowering in late summer, the fall flower bracts are a nice peachy orange contrast to the shiny green leaves.

If this sounds like you-- check out some of these pictures showing some of the plants, shrubs, and tree, you might just be missing!

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