Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grand Calla Lilies: Spectacular!

Oh, by now we all know how Facebook is a bit like the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I share aunt-status of my nephews with a Guatemalan woman. This gets me quite a few Facebook posts every so often in Spanish. Luckily, not a problem, I spent many early mornings and mucho college tuition dinero on about 29 college credits in Spanish (which leaves me about 1 credit short of anything, which is typical for me), but I can read Spanish with almost 100% accuracy, and have to actively work at everything else.

This time, though, through a friend of a relative of this Guatemalan aunt of my nephews, there is this incredible ethereal picture of this mountain meadow just covered with callas!

This is definitely a share! I have never imagined they might grow seemingly wild anywhere. This photo was taken in Jalapa.

Think Spring everyone!

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