Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pruning Grapes

(To see the post where I actually pruned my grapes and took pictures, click here.)

Typically, the last week in March into the first few days of April, I am pruning my grapes. This year though, there is still a foot of snow on the ground and it has been COLD. Very cold, like I think it got down to four degrees above zero last night. Today, the mercury inched "up" to freezing. Grapes should be pruned when the buds are starting to swell, but they have not started to unfurl. If you wait much longer the vine will expend energy on growth you will end up trimming off. But the grapes are very, very dormant.

Trimming the grapes will have to wait.

I have two varieties of wine grapes, Othello and Frontenac. Both have seeds. They are perfectly hardy. I planted them about four years ago. Last year I got enough grapes to make about six quarts of grape juice. I found a receipe that works well and is low on effort and time.

This year, I am planting a seedless grape as well, Red Reliance.

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