Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Veggie starts looking good so far!

3/8/2011 Today I pricked out basil and potted them into individual pots. They had their first true leaves. Also potted up tonight, were tomato 'Super Sweet 100'. Tomato 'Siberian' has already been potted on. The red onion starts look good, as do the early budding broccoli, kale, Florence fennel.

3/11/2011 At this time the leeks are finally sprouting. I have bought sets in the past, but invariably they do not yield any decent leeks. I thought I would try a different and far cheaper method. So far, I am pleased at the level of gemination.

I also have 3 different types of tomato germinated and potted up, Savoy cabbage and Genovesee basil are looking good. Some yellow tomatillos I received free with purchase from Jung's are geting their first true leaves. I am curious as to how they will grow this year. Also started: Swiss chard Rossa and Italian flat-leaved parsley.

Better yet, the snow appears to finally be melting, crying out like the wicked witch of the wintery north leaving puddles of its wickedness behind.

Spring may finally be coming to the Central Sands area of Wisconsin.

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