Friday, April 8, 2011

The Crocus are Blooming!

The crocus are blooming! I'm sure many others have had crocus before me here in zone 4. Mine are on the north side of my house in my hosta bed under a white pine. That's not the best location if I want to be first. I don't. I planted them there simply because those hosta take their time. That whole shady side of my yard where I dug up the very sparse grass and planted my lush bed of hosta (65 different cultivars!) is pretty boring in the spring before about the third week in May.

Yesterday, I also took a chance and planted out six spinach transplants. I know it is a bit early, but I wanted to get a feel for whether I have a significant rabbit problem this spring. Lot's of proof (rabbit poo) from the winter, but no sightings in my relatively small backyard.

I also planted some sugar snap peas along the wiring for my grapes and the west side of my privet hedge. I am always looking for spots to double duty and figure the nitrogen fixing ability of the peas will help the grapes, strawberries, and privet. The grape wiring and privet can serve as pea fence, and I'll take my crop and run with it.

Peas are very problematic here in central Wisconsin. They like it on the cool side. Remember just scant two weeks ago out temps were not getting up to freezing during the day. This Sunday the projected temperature in mid-70s to 80 degrees! Many gardeners do not even try peas, particularly edible pod peas, in spring because of the unseasonable temperature spikes we can experience here in the Central Sands area. Once in a while I do see a commercial crop of peas, although two crops of soy beans, or regular beans are more common.

The night prior to planting my peas, I soaked them in warm water. Hoping a germination early next week! I'll post them when I get them!

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