Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Closer to Planting

The forsythia has just begun to bloom. My daffodils are starting to bloom. That's about three weeks late!

It is pretty wet. We are working up a new space for to garden, but because of the wet ground, we have not been able to get it tilled. It rains almost every day, so we have not been able to put together some of the structures we want to incorporate either.

We have not had the severe weather that has included some wicked bad tornadoes which some people have had across the country. Gas and corn prices have shot up though, so perhaps that is our collective bad weather coming to bear on us as surely a a tornado roiling through the south.

Friday may prove to bring better weather, hopefully enough so to dry out the field so we can begin to work it.

We are behind planting spring peas, potatoes, and radishes. I have been able to plant some of these in small quanitities in my yard.

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