Monday, April 4, 2011

Update on the Seedlings

Pictures tell a 1,000 words, so here are the pictures from the growing rack!

Great germination for the onion 'Ringmaster' from Botanical Interests.

Celery seedlings, their color is really much better than that!

Those pepper seedlings from an OP hybrid, sweet red poblano type pepper germinated like hair on a dog!

Ah tomatoes!

On the right side, in the middle you can see the celery core growing new stalks, one of my "garden investigations".

So NOAA has released their Annual Spring Weather Forecast. Wetter, cooler with a chance of flooding increasing through April. Okay. I was sorta getting that impression myself. Right now I can hear the wind sorta howling around the house, too.

Checking the 10-day forecast though, after tonight, I don't see freezing temperatures listed. Close to that, but no freezing temperatures are listed for the next 10 day cycle!

There are lots of periods of drizzly rain.

That will slow me down.

I haven't checked with the village Snow Witch, but I am hopeful. I am sure it will get chilly again next full moon. I will have to check when that is, but I am cautiously optimistic that Spring will eventually make an appearance, that my crocus will pop out from beneath their snow cover on the north side of my house, that the forsythia will bloom, that those inch-tall tulips will grow.

I think the planet can take a collective sign. This has been a rough winter. Spring is coming.

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