Friday, May 6, 2011

I Hate Poorly made Garden Equipment!

My scree and rock garden showing off some dsedum, fescue, and sempervirens.

I seem to end up buying much more of some garden equipment than I feel I should. I do a lot of watering with a hose. I have splitters and hand-held spray nozzles. The latest one, a Nelson hand-held long neck 5-spray nozzle sprayer with trigger control, was great the first couple months. I really liked it. It has the right assortment of different spray choices, was well-balanced, and easy to use without getting tired hands or wrists.

Unfortunately, just a couple months after purchase it leaks EVERYWHERE! It leaks all the way around the Nelson nameplate and EVERY seam as well as where the the head meets the handle and the handle meets the decorative metal where it screws onto a hose.

Don't buy this. It breaks too early to be worth it at any price!

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