Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday was a big day planting in the family garden. I planted cucumbers, 'Sumter', 'Boston Pickling', and 'Alibi'. Transplants that went into the garden included 'Roma' tomatoes, Florence Fennel, Italian Flat-leafed Parsley, onions 'Ringmaster', carrots 'Danvers', gold tomatillos, tomato 'Olpalka', a radicchio, and a buttercrunch lettuce.

The carrots were planted as if they were scallions.

Finished planting out the strawberries (Ozark Beauty' and 'Honeyoye'. My 'Honeoye' in my potager planted last fall are in bloom.

Double-dug and planted the asparagus 'Purple Passion'. Started laying out the enclosure for the blueberries.

Liberally spread donkey dung as our composted organic manure. We planted some parsnips 'Hollow Crown' and turnips for stews.

Took out the last of the tomatoes to harden them off in anticipation of planting them.

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