Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Possibly Our Last Frost Was This Morning

This morning was possibly our last frost date. I have started hardening off tomatoes and tomatillos. Tomorrow, I have another group of tomatoes and frost -tender plants I need to bring out and get under the storm screen.

I will hold off on coleus as they are more tender than most annuals, not liking temperatures less than 40 degrees.

The sweet cherry 'Lapin' is in bloom. The 'Seckl' pear is thinking about it. One of my across the street neighbors has a pear and a small orchardist a block away does also. I noticed that pear in bloom today.

My strawberries are in bloom. Honeoye is one of the earlier fruiting, ten days before many.

The commercial potato farmers have planted most of their potatoes. My first ones, 'Yukon Gold', in my potager have sprouted.

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