Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Unexpectedly Nice Day-- Weatherwise!

Akebia quinata in full bloom , 2 1/2 weeks late!

Today is Graduation Day at Wild Rose and many other small schools here in central Wisconsin. One year from today, my own son will join those that have passed across the dais and join so many others as alumni of my home town, something like dandelion fluff blowing on a May breeze.

I went to today's ceremony. Never before have I been so connected to so many of our graduates. I wish them all the best. Unfortunately, nearly all of our very best and very brightest will leave here, unable to make the sort living for themselves to which they aspire.

There are few choices for careers here, and we are so unconnected here. Internet is slow, at times unreliable. Cursing cell phone coverage and carriers is a daily travail of tears. The only reliable television comes through an extremely pricey cable or via satellite with contract lock-outs and channel blocking. The "local" television and newspapers do not cover activities in the area, and we are served only by a weekly newspaper. Radio transmissions fades in and out.

If you want to know what is going on prepare to be well-connected to gossip, or increasingly, Facebook (although there seems to be no end to the service glitches with Facebook either). Getting a cup of coffee at the gas station or the breakfast and lunch only restaurant might better serve the purpose for finding out the local news.

And here in the village, increasingly the population is senior citizens.

Yet, this is my native earth. When I divorced my son's father, I felt he would need strong male role models, and a good environment to feel rooted. My parents live here, my brother and his family nearby. Men I went to school with have been my son's coaches, his "sports fathers" (important for a boy who would not have his dad around on a daily basis).

My son has thrived.

My son at his Spring Concert. Yes, my jock son (starter for his Varsity Basketball team) also does geek and nerd(High Quiz Bowl and Honor Roll every quarter of high school) really well.

And while espalier has worked really well with my 'Lapin' cherry and my privet hedge has taken to my pruning style; my son has been a bit more difficult to train. Yes, as a mother desiring an easy path for her only child, I did attempt to persuade him to play trumpet, but to no avail.

Like every gardener who learns from their plants, I have learned my son is not my clone; I've allowed him to be his own person.

Besides, at 200 pounds and nearly 6'4", if you would like to discuss his flute repertoire with him, be my guest.

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