Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Selection?

Caged peony.

I started a lot of my own transplants this year with some fair success. I attribute the success germinating my seed to covered trays, my heat mat and regular shop lights. The nasty, cold, wet, spring weather has hindered my getting the plantlings hardened off and into the garden. I have a good number of celery to transplant, enough basil, parsley, bok choy, lettuce, chard. I have a pointed cabbage and a Savoy type.

I have at least a half dozen tomatoes including Siberian, Roma, Olpaka, Big Boy, Super Beefsteak, Bloody Butcher. I have Jalapeno, Carmen, an OP Sweet red pepper, and Cayenne peppers.

I have 150 transplants of broccoli, three different types.

Likewise, I have started some more difficult to transplant curcurbita species, too. They look great, but with the weather, I have not started to harden them off.

So last night I am picking up some fencing to cutting in section a foot tall to make peony cages. After I got done making my purchase of the fencing and the cheapest landscape fabric to lay down as a weed stop in my family veggie garden, I thought I would take a look at the veggie transplants.

One word? Bor-ing!

No broccoli, but lots of kolhrabi (people eat lots of kolhrabi? A couple type of cabbage, none of them Savoy. They had no sweet red pepper, no jalapenos...they had a lot of a bell pepper named 'California Wonder'. My wonderment is selling a pepper named 'California Wonder' in Wisconsin... Aren't the California Cows bad enough?

I'm so glad I started my own seeds this year.

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