Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weddings, June, Roses...and Don't Forget the Shoes!

I definitely recommend comfortable shoes while touring the Chicago Botanical Gardens. For some, this means wearing flip flops and carrying in the stiletto heels for those once in as a lifetime photo shoots of your life's happily ever after story.

There were minimally eight different bridal parties making good use of the gardens a a backdrop for weddings and untold engagement pictures. Those were almost as easy to spot as the weddings, bride- and groom-to-be arm in arm, her heels dangling from a fingertip and the heavily-camera laden photographer trailing in their wake.

This bride looked every inch the model bride, not the bridezilla version, in her organza and ostrich feather creation. She looked like a swan searching for open water.

And oh! Those shoes!

The dress the bridesmaids, who could have come from central casting, I swear, all a size 6; actually landed a dress they could have worn again, and probably will. My photos do not do the mauve gray tones justice. The cut and line of them-- fantastic!

Surprisingly, the placement of the zipper makes the dress!

I don't think the photographer had to work too hard with this bridal party! It seemed right down to the weather, this bride had every detail perfect in its implementation.

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