Thursday, July 28, 2011

Timing is Everything

Messing around with dill and my camera resulted in this image.

Timing is so important.

The last three years I have tried to time the planting of my dill with the first bountiful pickings of my cucumbers so I have dill available to make gherkins and dill pickles. I like fresh, not gone to seed, dill in my canning. Yes, I can pick it and dry it, but it is just not the same.

This year, I thought I had a chance of hitting it right, but no, that week of heat the beginning of June baked the ground. It was a week, before I realized I would need to replant, because germination was so spotty. My dill is starting to seed out; the cucumbers are just now starting to load up. I missed it again.

Politicians here in Wisconsin and in our nation's capital have been playing with timing a lot, too. Fake Democrats running to force recall primaries allowing recalled Republicans time to do what I haven't a clue; the Tea Drinkers playing with the 2012 election and the debt ceiling.

It all makes me very nervous.

I feel like I have been a victim of poor timing all my life. I am old enough to be my son's grandmother (althought most day's I don't look it, even if I do feel it). It puts a different perspective on child-rearing.

Being on the tail-end of the aggregate that is the Baby-Boomers, I have often felt like I was the runt of the litter when it came to getting to the "job trough". The older Boomers got the cool jobs and the tail-gunners just have to clean up behind.

Now with the flattening of the earth, I wonder how America's labor force will go forward, particularly for those occupations where the products of labor can be transported anywhere via the internet. An engineer here expecting to make $60K to $100K can compete with one in India willing to work for $10 an hour. Who will a global company choose?

The other day in the wee hours of the night I happened to catch the New America Foundation's panel discussion on how to develop jobs and energy security here in America. I was terribly impressed by the expertise these scientists AND politians brought to the table. I wish every policy maker, banker, business owner, had seen it. Being on C-Span and airing in the middle of the night, I'm sure most did not. The audience did not include any major press coverage either.

Seems like I'm not the only one with timing issues.

Today, in my corner of the world, I just hope the rain holds off until evening.

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