Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here in Central Wisconsin...

My dad and one of the twins. My nephew is sitting on a tree limb at the farm. The low sprawling limbs on a red ornamental maple shelter a picnic table at the farm. This last week, my mother loaded it down with strawberry shortcake, baked beans, potatoes. We all ate a family meal. It was my mother's 75th birthday. My sister-in-law and brother announced the pregnancy. A momentous day.

I have a sister in Pennsylvania. That Wisconsin girl felt an earthquake earlier this week and now Irene is barreling up the coast to visit. My son says, "Aren't you glad we live in Wisconsin?"

Debio, to the far north, has posted pictures of beautiful sunrises. The sunsets the last few days have been spectacular. Although August's temps have been above normal, because of the lack of humidity, the days have been beautiful, but dry. These have been great harvest days.

I have not gotten nearly enough done this summer. I have just bumped along. The family garden is a bit weedy, but it has not affected the harvest that I can tell. I missed the second pesticide application on my 'Honeycrisp'. I won't have eating apples, but they will make sauce.

I have bulbs I have dug up from various places throughout the summer which I need to replant, but where?

My shrubs need some serious trimming. My electric hedge trimmer is burning up and a nearly purchased pruner keeps sticking. This, before the blade has dulled.

I finally began painting the deck. The paint had almost completely peeled off this summer. With the southern exposure, harsh winters, and torrential rains of early summer, you would think I hadn't painted it for 20 years. My son painted decks for other people this summer while ours went ignored.

Yesterday, I planted yet another patch of mesclun for fall salads. I might have to erect some sort of cold frame over it. Frost date is in possibly just 6 weeks, maybe less.

It seems like summer has gone before it came. My son and I both have school September 1.

Today, my son is with his dad in Chicago. My brother is in Milwaukee. My parents and my son's best friends are covering work at the farm. My sister-in-law and I will can and preserve food all day.

Make good use of your day!

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