Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Decorating Your Garden with Garden Art

This blog post contains pictures of decorative items I feel are well-placed and add rather than detract from enjoyment of a garden. Over the next few posts, I'll post more examples I enjoy.

One well-placed, good-sized concrete stature mimics the bare branching of the ancient burning bush The baskets in each hand are actually used as bird feeders.

A distressed iron green man mask hangs on a garden gate.

The concrete of these sphere is not only architecturally interesting with the back drop of the bare bones of the shrubs, but also prevents vehicles in areas beyond the driveway.

A rock cairn artfully laid using local stone to create a mythical symbol.

I don't like gazing balls in general, but this one floating in a sea of verbena bonarensis is truly special and well placed.

Rusty fish in native grasses are nice, without becoming trashy.

Repeating a color unifies a bunch of metal chairs and plays off the blues and grays in this garden.

The glossy pink of these metal chairs echoes the color of the house. The bright fucshia color of the flowers punctuates the country charm of this porch.

The hand-painting of this clay pot echoes the colors of the plants it holds.

Decorating the garden with items beyond the structure of plants, their colors and pattern, and repetive shapes is generally a reflection of the gardener's personal taste. I've seen this done poorly. I've seen this done well. My personal taste runs to relying on great plants grown well and a minimalist view of decorative items.

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