Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Wreath

A few years back, I stumbled across two huge wire frames built to support the huge commercial sort of wreath over four feet in diameter. I have one here stored discreetly along a fence in my garbage enclosure for most of the year. When the weather is nice in late November and I have the time I like to dress it up with natural material and hang it on my porch.

This year I used dried hydrangea, pine, spruce, miscanthus, sedum,chamecyparis, gooseneck loosetrife, Siberian iris, and boxwood woven into the frame. I added some gold foil wrapped Styrofoam pears I picked up on clearance years ago and a length of wide, gold ribbon I had on hand.

When the holidays are over, I will compost the dried material from my yard collect the pears and ribbon and store it away, and place the frame back in storage. It took a couple hours to make. I'm not sure what message it sends, if you like it, I guess it is, "priceless".


  1. Thanks, Debio! Your decorations look very festive, too! So very cheery! We fnally have a barely there dusting of snow this morning.