Saturday, February 11, 2012

Earthen Head: Extreme Gardening

My friend Sandie Mintz in Mississippi shared this head on FaceBook. It is so cool I had to share it here. I'm not sure what you would call this. It isn't topiary, but it has that feel, but it is a lot easier to keep watered. It is not just a planted design because of it's three-dimensional aspect. And while it has a couple mosaic features, the ear and eyes, it is not a true mosaic.

It is almost like a green man in that it is an earth spirit, or a giant of the earth. So cool is it, I am thinking of other anima that could be featured in a rounded mound, yet give the impression of a spirit of the earth arising from it. Whatever the feature you would choose it could be a one of a kind garden feature done on the cheap as long as it is well thought out.

(Identified as a head of Hegilan in Cornwall, UK.)



    This is what you call it ;~) The lost gardens of Heligan are in Cornwall.

  2. Thank you! A couple of asked Sandie, but she hadn't replied.