Monday, February 6, 2012

Mud Season - Extended

Hydrangea in winter...

What used to be 3-5 days in the spring when the ground wasn't quite unfrozen yet the snow certainly was melting creating a very soggy top few inches of mud seems to be the state of the winter weather here. This freeze and thaw cycle is probably not good for my perennials or the strawberries that seem to be sited in a small pond at the lowest point in my yard.

When the ground is suitably warm , to have spring rains pool in a spot where the more moisture will only make the berries bigger, is a good thing. To have same berries underwater or frozen in water, I don't think that can be a good thing.

Faithful Companion, my boxer, tip-toes about like she is a princess hopping over puddles and being all in favor of going the other way around the car rather than through the puddles and mud.

And while walking Faithful Companion, I came across the first visible tent caterpillar egg case. (A reminder to check your apple, cherry, and plum trees!)

And as nearly every garden blogger is lamenting, too many shades of brown! Bring on the colors! I need some green!

... hydrangea in summer.

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