Saturday, March 17, 2012

Phenology Events

Today my willow looks like this picture I took on April 14, 2007.

This picture of my forsythia in full bloom is dated April 14, 2009.

Two people have told me they saw red-wing blackbird. I saw one as well. It wasn't until the second one told me this a bird that comes back in summer, when the weather is predictably warm that I did a double-take.

My son saw two bats.

My forsythia is about to bloom. Pretty sure it will bloom tomorrow. Crocus were blooming yesterday.

My Artic blue willow is budded up.

The frogs are singing tonight.

So what's a gardener to do?

I'm working with the idea that we are have a zone 6b spring and the calendar says April 17, not March 17.

I rototilled the family garden. Thanks to handsome son for taking a small engines course getting an A+ AND overhauling my tiller! I planted peas. I planted carrots, radishes, and lettuce. In Wisconsin. I am thinking of planting some fava beans. Generally, I don't think favas are planted here.

I haven't planted my tomatoes for transplant.

I'm going to make the best use the weather. I'm not going to plant heat lovers, but if it can take some cold, it's getting planted.

Pea planting tips: Soak in warm water for 20 minutes before planting.

Beet and Swiss chard planting tip: Put seed on a wooden cutting board and crush them with a rolling pins. Each "seed" is actually a pod with 3-4 seeds inside. The small seeds are dark, radish brown, to black.

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