Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sturgeon Are Spawning!

I guess that typically the sturgeon spawn in the later part of April. Like most other things this year they are a month ahead. They began spawning yesterday.

Just outside New London a bout a mile west, on CTY X at the Sturgeon Trail Park. It is definitely worth seeing these prehistoric beasts spawn. The DNR is tagging and measuring and releasing them. The biggest they tagged yesterday was 79 inches long. Most of the ones I saw today were four to five feet long. I did see them tag 66" and 59" femaies.

They will be spawning for the next couple weeks. The eggs will take about 2 weeks to hatch after that. They are more active when it is warm and sunny, so pick a nice day and make it a road trip. I was able to stand 4' or 5' feet from these fish and watch the show.

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