Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Can Grow That:

I was at Stein's in Grand Chute on Friday and was staring at seed. I was hoping to find Six-Shooter heirloom sweet corn (no luck). What I did find was pelleted herbs and a few other varieties of seed I have never seen come in a pelleted form packaged by Livingston Seed. Livingston Seed is one of my favorites because the stuff does germinate and they put a lot of seed in a pack; particularly great for radishes, carrots and lettuce.

They included five herbs, two types of basil, two versions of parsley, and a thyme. I wish they had gone big on the herbs. I am sure herbs are something a lot of gardeners want to grow, but struggle to grow.

Livingston's foray into pelleted seed might just make a lot of beginning gardeners feel like, "Yes, they can grow that!"

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