Monday, April 23, 2012

My Dream Garden

I have been gardening nearly all my life, several decades. I have learned from friends, classes, books, the internet, a garden club to which I belonged, and most recently a retired doctor of horticulture and master daylily hybridizer. I have yet to have actually achieved my "dream garden".

In my dream garden, there is not a lot of grass. The grass that does coexist is lush, a little long and does not harbor creeping Charlie, nor quack grass masquerading as its domesticated cousin. The grass does not have grubs actively working its roots. It does not go dormant, dry out, or think about colonizing my garden beds.

In my dream garden, all the daylilies and iris actually bloom every year. Some of my iris don't bloom any given year making it hard for someone who is constantly moving stuff about to not throw out the baby with the bath water. I also have some poorly positioned daylilies in a bit too shady of spots that do not send up scapes. Whoever decided daylilies can tolerate shade was wrong, particularly since I have seen the effect of daylilies that get everything they need to be spectacular (in the garden of Dr. Darrel Apps). Full sun, people!

I will finish my hardscape projects, like this dry stone laid path, the beginnings of which can be seen here.

And I would have some nice statuary and garden art.

My dream garden would have lots of roses, clematis and peonies. They wouldn't be sad sorts of roses, clematis, and peonies with just a bloom or two. No, they would be so over laden with blooms that the weight of spring rains bear the blooms to the ground. Overblown and lush, their millions of petals would carpet the ground.


  1. I'll take one dream garden too please!

  2. Your dream garden is like a wonderland! I love your idea of having lots of roses that, when blown by the wind, would carpet the ground with millions of petals. I want to see your dream garden turn to reality. I see it as a very peaceful and calming place to visit.

    ^Shona Martinez

  3. I can imagine your dream garden having a beautifully landscaped space full of blooming flowers, healthy plants, a carpet of green grass, and a lovely patio where you can read a book while sipping tea. I’d be so glad to see your dream garden come to life! That would be quite a sight!

  4. I always envision my dream garden too. From the description, I can picture out your dream garden and I’m sure that it will look beautiful. Plan well before beginning construction, so that once you’re ready, there’s no way that you’ll lose track of your design. Hey, maybe you’ll make some awesome last minute changes as you go along :)

    -Katy Eagles