Sunday, April 22, 2012

Source of Funky Art: Repurposing

If you are a less artistic type, but still want to add pizazz to your garden this season, you may want to borrow art from other areas of your life. (I dislike using the same fairies, gnomes, squirrels everyone else has. Dragonflies are popular, and not quite so over used as frogs, making this dragonfly platter with an Asian art feel perfect on which to meditate in a Zen garden.) About a decade ago, I moved to my tiny house here in central Wisconsin. I had a nice blue fish serving platter (which if you scroll down you will see in a previous blog hanging on my fence behind some yellow tickseed and blue spiderwort. I have always liked looking at it, but seldom used it in my kitchen. Did I want to keep it? I'm afraid it lost the quarter toss against my plain white rimmed serving platter. So ten years ago I bought one of those plate hangers and took a nail and put it on display in my garden. I expected it to look the worse for wear or crack in half from Wisconsin winter. That is not the case. It looks like I hung it there yesterday. Takeaway: Ceramic platters can may great garden decorations! I have had a number of shabby chic rusty items fair not half so well and crumble away to bits in the same length of time. Just to give you an idea of some of the really artsy ceramic platters that are out there waiting to serve up summer on a fence, or as a butterfly or bird feeding station; I went to the Pier One web site and did a search for "platter". (Disclaimer: I have never gotten anything from Pier One, nor is this an advertisement for them. You can search the world at large! Have at!)
Any macro flower, animal could be cool.
I came across this fish bowl in my platter search. Not sure why it came up, but I thought, "Wow, a cool, although a bit pricey, container for a terrarium garden!" The number of different ceramic pieces that popped up was amazing. It is all up to you, pick your color, theme, and style and have some fun.

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