Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scenes from the Garden

Pink Knockouts and Blaze roses.

With our mild winter here in central Wisconsin, roses are in their heyday, some from two weeks to six weeks early. My climbers, William Baffin, Blaze, John Cabot and the likely Pierre du Ronsard (still not sure on that one), are in full bloom. My Pink Knockouts are also kicking it, too. Giving it up as the last members of the family rosa to bloom, ninebarks, potentillas, as brambles are also adding to the show. Joining in the fray are the early blooming clematis and peonies. The geraniums also are starting to look nice. Enjoy the pictures!

Pierre du Ronsard or Eden rose.

Rose 'Blaze'

Geranium 'Tiny Monster'

Clematis 'Deronda'

Dappled Willow - 'Hakuro Nishiki'


  1. Great pictures. Are those roses fragrant? I really like the dappled willow. What conditions does it need?

    1. The dappled willow is fairly tolerant of growing conditions. I think it will go zone 3 and its upward zone is probably dependent on how much moisture it gets on a regular basis. It is best placed in full sun for nicer color and form. It does need a hard trimming about a month after it shows its pink and white tipped new growth. I try to keep it trimmed in a 3' x 3' sphere. It would be a mistake to do otherwise.

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  3. an original way to present these plants, I like

  4. The rose varieties pictured are all indeed fragrant.