Sunday, June 3, 2012

Visit to the Green Bay Botanical Garden: Roses

Rose 'Happy Elegance Funny Face'

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Today, I visited the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Here, in central Wisconsin, we are close to a half zone colder than Green Bay, easily evidences by foxtail lilies coming in to bloom (and in fact overwintering at all!) and the roses are in full bloom. Other plants growing easily at the garden which I have found difficult here include Helen von Stein lambs ear.

Often roses take more than a year or two to actually achieve their full-blown beauty. By then the tags are gone with the wind, which seemed to be the case with a lot of the plant tags at the GBBG. Excuse me for not being able to identify each of these.

Rose 'Easy Elegance Kiss Me Rose'.


  1. Very nice photos. If you ever come to the Chicago area, you should definitely visit the Chicago Botanic Garden - it's just off I94 in the north suburbs. Many worderful gardens, including a rose garden. My favorites are the English walled garden and native plant garden.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit to GB Botanical Garden. Had I know you were coming, would have had you stop over here at Lake Michigan. I am rather proud of how this place has developed over the years. So too, the GB gardens. They have come a long way with those gardens. Glad to visit you today. Jack