Thursday, June 21, 2012

Visit to the Green Bay Botanical Garden: Garden Art

The Green Bay Botanical Garden is not a public garden much noted for its art and decorative elements. It relies on a strong layout and structural visual elements to gives its gardens cohesion, identity, and separation. This last, separation, is often not an element we think much about in our personal gardens as we tend not to have space which we can separate. In public gardens, however, separation is something either done well or so subtle that one garden blends into another without much thought.

This first is a Butterfly Garden for sedum rather than butterfly-attracting plants. I think it woul be cooler if it was a garden for butterflies shaped in the form of a butterfly.

This next was in the herb garden and is an estate in miniature. Other than train gardens this is about the most extensive I have seen, right down to fairy gardeners.

Every large garden needs a folly and this "ruin" is the Green Bay Botanical on what could have been a root cellar in early Wisconsin.

I like rusty metal in the garden, even more so when anatomically accurate as this rust metal ligularia appears to be.

Orange poppies backed up by a split rail fence is pretty overdone, but you can't knock that shot of color.

These weeping Norway spruce are being trained over a 14' gated arch. This is definitely not a project for the want it now gardeners out there. When done, its impact will pack quite a punch.

The ultimate in soothing; big blue hosta and a bird bath under the shade of the birch tree.

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  1. Greetings! Just found your blog. I was doing research for the Botanical Gardens in Green Bay and came upon your site! I'm originally from Wisconsin myself. Have a good weekend and hope you have some fun! Chris from Las Aventuras