Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Bit of Recycled Art

Living here in central Wisconsin, I am often assailed by the feeling I am living at the ends of the earth. DSL internet is over the phone line and often unreliable. Shopping has never been anyone's hobby. And nobody gives a darn about fashion, art, or has a fancy or otherwise job title.

But that is not to say I haven't traveled and lived in much more urbane environments. When the title of this blogger's post came upon my feed, translated 'Barcelona's Grand Festival of Thanks', since I have actually walked these streets; Las Ramblas being a major avenue to walk and see and be seen, I had to check it out.

Delphine takes incredible photos, check out her blog, linked above.

This picture of a balcony scene really caught my eye, as the streamers are made of streamers with rectangular pieces of colorful fabric knotted on string. The globes are made of the bottom of plastic drink bottles, painted, cut off and gathered up in large orbs. The creativity, artfulness, the fact they are recycled, hand-made decorations, and are displayed so beautifully has really caught my imagination. They would made great decorations for any sort of garden party.

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