Thursday, August 30, 2012

Handsome Son Goes to College

Today finally came. I took my Handsome Son to college at UW-Green Bay. He's all moved into the dorms and I made his bed, helped unpack his suitcase and boxes and said our goodbyes.

He starts a new chapter in his life and I have finished one in mine. He is my only son.

It maybe would have been better if we had fought more, or had some of those bad fights parents sometimes have that end with "...because I SAID SO!!!"

But we haven't.

Tomorrow, it is back to the family garden where harvesting our veggies and preserving them is in full swings and little boys are thick on the ground, with the Twins and Baby Gardener in tow.

But tonight there is just me, and Faithful Companion sleeping at my feet in a too quite little house in a too quite little village, and my beautiful, Handsome Son is 100 miles away.

And, as I mentioned to Handsome Son this morning with tears in my eyes, my sister in IL who would give the stars in the sky if she buy this day for her younger son who has Duchenes muscular dystrophy.


I am trying very hard to keep my tears in perspective.


  1. Just remember that this day means you've done right by him, he is on a good path unlike so many young people, and it sounds like you two will always be close.

  2. I agree with the comment above, plus......

    I have shipped 3 boys off to college and other various places and it is not easy. You can try to keep it in perspective and be thankful for your relationship and all those other things, but you are entitled to the tears, sweetie. It is HARD to have them leave. But it is the right thing at the right time. And so you get to cry if you want. And then you can be grateful after the weekend! hugs!