Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paine Art Center and Museum in Oshkosh

The Paine (along with the Oshkosh Museum) are Oshkosh's castles. It was built as a huge stone residences of one of Oshkosh's lumber barons. Located just on the Fox River and lived in a scant few years, it was then donated to the city. Walled and gated it has retained it elegance.

It houses the small permanent collection of the Paine family's art, along with being the venue for small intimate performances of scenes from the Nutcracker Suite each Christmas (along with a Nutcracker exhibition and story display). It also serves as a rental venue for weddings, elegant parties, and occasionally hosts traveling art exhibitions as it is now doing for the Ansel Adams display.

The Ansel Adams were very nice, although I have been watching the photographic talent of an artist to my north here in Wisconsin and I have to say how similar in style and depth is her work.

Even a urn on a pedestal, properly placed, is picture-worthy. Nothing particularly exciting about the planted material!

There were several plants that point up that Oshkosh, 30 miles away is about a half a zone warmer than here and that the city asphalt is goosing them for two to three degrees. This is one, this well-grown Harry Lauder Walking Stick, filbert contortus. The others included a tri-color beech, Japanese silver grass, and oak leaf hydrangea.

There were lots of hidden views, elegant plants, and the front border of bedded annuals extending across the entire front view.

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