Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Sunday: Decorating the Garden

Using the apple green color from the trellis and metal chairs, I've added a punch of color to the dark federal parks green I painted these chairs for Handsome Son's graduation. That dark green was just too boring. This is a fun and easy way to jazz it up.

Using collected antique brick from the demolition of the antiquated chimney on the original village bank, I have dry-laid this short wall and corner pillars. Adding a capstone from Lowe's establishes a pedestal for a garden accent pot.

Solidago (goldenrod) 'Fireworks' and spireae 'Gold Mound' in the forefront soaking up the sunlight.

Hydrangea 'Quickfire' starts out white and very early, in June, and still looks nice on this last day of September.

Autumn colors of hazelnut and the rusty chair the squirrels used to dine on the stolen hazelnuts.

This Asiatic lily has yellowed, but in Piet Oudolf tradition, it looks good dead backing the 'Autumn Joy' sedum.

Aster 'October skies'

Aster 'Alma Potschke'

These are a few of my favorite fall bloomers. As you can see, I am moving along with the 2013 Garden Walk decorating. Although most of these plants carrying the show will only be supporting players in July, they add a lot to the garden now. They will green filler. The hazelnut will be green, but hopefully loaded down with light green clusters of nuts. The apple green should be just as significant a shot of green then as now. I've chosen this green apple a my accent color. I've painted plastic pots, trellis, the rims of clay pots, and those fun squiggles with it.


  1. Like the chair - very artistic!

  2. The apple green is pretty. My accent color is kiwi; darker than chartreuse, lighter than olive. It's a lively color.

    1. I think I looked at a paint chip labeled "Kiwi"; also ones named "Parsley" and "Everglades". Sometimes I wonder looking at a chip if I would name it the same! Does it evoke kiwi or green apple for me!