Sunday, October 28, 2012

Found Object

The other day we (my brother, the Twins, and Baby Gardener) went to a city park and walked the river levee in Stevens Point.

Walking the river, we came across this waterlogged tree fall on which someone had placed a found object I can only imagine came out of the river when someone was walking the bank on one of our dry, hot summer days.

If it had been mine to take, you know I would have incorporated it into my garden art!


  1. As a found object artist, I can't imagine not "finding" it and taking it home. Why do you feel it wasn't yours to take? Just curious.

  2. I guess I so enjoyed seeing it sitting right there, the juxtapositioning of the rusty man-made item against the natural dead tree, taking it home would have made it so much less than what it was.