Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mirablis - Four O' Clocks

More gardeners should grow four o' clocks. They bloom a longer time span than just at 4 PM and on. They stay open in the morning until about 10 or 11 PM. They can be grown from seed. They come from a variety of colors, including the "broken colors". They also come in white, and a pale yellow.

(Picture of a 4 o' clocks showing the broken colors patterning, courtesy of Rob's Plants.)

They can be started from seed. Once you have grown them a season you can dig the root once the top freezes and store it in a cool place over winter. I'm not sure a lot of gardeners realize these tropical plants can be grown much like dahlias, but with the root sending up flowers much more rapidly than a dahlia. The root in the top picture is a single plant from a third year root.

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