Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seeds Are Sprouting, Dreaming of Beautiful Baskets

An empty pot can be its own vignette.

Picture of a mixed hanging basket at Olbrich.

Using the baggy method I have sprouted salvia silver sage and agrostemma Milas in just five days.

Tomorrow, I will start cuttings of my dragon wing begonias, variegated airplane plants, and fuschia. All will be started from mother plants I brought in as cuttings last fall.

I also have some root cuttings of a deep purple phormium tenax that I stuck in a Ziplock last fall and have 3 inch sprouts now which need potting.

I also have laurentia, cleome, delphinium, and nicotiana I have started using the baggy method and several others stratifying in the fridge.

Tomorrow, petunias and those cuttings.

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  1. I have a number of empty pots, jars etc. around in different garden rooms. They make a statement on their own, I think even more than when filled with plants. I like the look. Jack