Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Gardener Turns One

The youngest member of the clan turned one on Friday. Saturday a big party was held to celebrate the occasion. As I started calling him Bug-a-boo, which for me changed to simply "Boo" or "Baby Boo" and to "Bug" for his Mom; the theme of the party was bugs. The (gluten-free) cake was decorated in bug-style, and a bug hunt (for toy bugs) was the party activity for the kiddies.

Beautiful S-I-L outdid herself, demonstrating her extreme cake decorating talents.

Underlying the theme of bugs is a more far-ranging life style in which the children have been taught to practice "catch and release" of indoor bugs to the great outdoors, keeping the home chemical-free; and that "Bug" was a surprise pregnancy and reward and vindication for living chemical and gluten-free. During the process of conception of the IVF older twin brothers of Boo, S-I-L's long-standing irritable bowel syndrome was actually determined to be gluten-intolerance. Two years of gluten-free living and a chance for internal abdominal structures to repair themselves rewarded my S-I-L with a big surprise.



  1. What an AMAZING cake! And adorable little guy... So great to raise your children to respect the critters that we share the world with.

  2. So fun! Looks like a great party, and such a cake! Reminds me of the early birthday parties for my guys, both of whom are now over 6'.