Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nothing But Blue Skies

Blue skies are a rare treat these days as we are in high Sprinter season.  Although fairly cold, the yellow crocuses were again in bloom.  The sunny warm on my black sweat pants, black long sleeve sweat shirt, and down-filled vest made for comfortable warmth as I worked to clear the downed limbs of the white pine.

My clean up resulted in these piles lines along my street.  It might not seem like a lot, but there are five separate piles about three feet tall, five feet long and about four feet wide.

Also, my sidewalk to the front porch is piled a couple feet high with strictly pine needles.

My pagoda dogwood in the shadow of my white pine was spared.  No falling limbs fell on this side of the tree.

And, my fireplace vent cap has a a new jaunty tilt, until I can get one of the young men that regularly pull up a chair to my dinner table up a ladder to right it.
Today, I managed to get several sunny hours of yard clean up in.  Hydrangeas were cut-back and  the Knock Out roses were trimmed back to the main stems and within 8" to 10" of the ground.  I cut off the top half of my 'Sweet Autumn' clematis.

The birch 'Crimson Frost' is looking good.

Privet hedge is looking good.

Yeah, I 'm weaving 3/4" stick in my sweet cheery tree, all part of my evil espalier plan.  Actually, in a previous life this cherry tree was a person due some bad Karma.

Yup, the spruce that had all that snow slammed into them from my "thoughtful' neighbor is looking pretty thin on the bottom six feet or so.  Looks like someone else might be building some bad Karma.
The blue skies of today are not expected to stick around to mar the unremitting overcast days we have come to expect during Sprinter.  Rain and possible flooding expected nearly everyday the next week.  Possible snow on Friday.   Good thing, I was running low...


  1. Training fruit trees is a lot of fun. I have been bending the limbs on my apple trees with red twine and I think it sends a vibe to my neighbors that I might be crazy.

  2. Oh I loved the blue sky/tiny limb image! May your Sprinter season morph and soon. I used to think espaliered trees were sick, like tree roses (which still seem wrong), but since Mr. O fell from a broken fruit ladder that time, well now I get it.

  3. Gosh, you might think it was spring or something. I have a few ideas about who that cherry tree might have been in its previous lives.

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    2. The village cop stopped one day having found my license plate. I hadn't realized it was missing. Chatting me up, he inquired as to how my front porch hosta had become so huge. Not thinking, I replied, "It's where I buried my first husband." It has taught me a valuable lesson about off-hand comments and a quick wit so I will hesitate to follow upon your cherry tree comment.