Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Hands and Knees

Hepatica acutifolia

If I hadn't been on my hands and knees weeding out quack grass I would never have seen it. It was less than an inch tall.


  1. Very cool! Would it have seeded itself in from the nearby woods?

  2. I have a clump about 30 feet away that I dug out of a swale at my Dad's farm where the dairy cows go from one pasture to another across sort of a swampy hedgerow. It seems where there is the most cow herd traffic there is the biggest swath (20' by 100' or so) of the hepatica blooming in white, pink, and shades of blue. I can't explain it, but I really liked the shade of blue I dug up in full bloom. However, it seems to bloom a different color or shade each year. And now this one seedling transplanted, I assume by ants (I am always seeing them carrying seeds of bloodroot and whatever), which bloomed a creamy white.