Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Day of Rain

Clematis 'Josephine'
Looking very much like something out of "The Little Shop of Horrors", the clematis 'Josephine' prepares to open its double blooms.  It will bloom nearly all summer, provided it is provided enough moisture and fertilized.  It like more moisture than many clematis, particularly when in bloom.  It is the first "real" clematis I've grown which exceeded my expectations.  It is double and seems almost tropical, and not something you would expect to thrive in central Wisconsin-- which makes it all the more fun.

Smokebush 'Golden Spirit'
 While my other smoke bush 'Nordine', supposed one of the best for hardiness along with deep purple color died to the ground this Spring.  Not so 'Golden Spirit', which is showing new growth at the tips of three of it's four main shoots.
A middle shoot shows no new growth, nor is there growth from the base of the plant.  The contrast against the burgundy barberry is striking.

Tomorrow, supposedly more rain. 

Today, I switched out a porch light on the deck today in a splurge of curb appeal getting drenched in the process.  Gotta love working on electrical circuitry in a frigging downpour, right?  But even Handsome Son, upon his arrival home, commented on how nice it looked.  I'm hoping it functions better then the serendipitous behavior of its motion-sensing predecessor.

The rain is wrecking havoc on the painted decking...  Learn from my experience, three words: solid color stain.

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  1. Hey, if a teenage boy notices, it's gotta look good! Is it still raining now? We had some this morning, but the sun actually came out in the afternoon, though it is dang cold.