Monday, June 24, 2013

It's not really raining this much, this is hose sprayer in one hand, camera in the other.
Well, it is turning out to be a rainy summer.  Some of the plants are loving it.  There are pretty roses around, if they haven't succumbed to black spot.  Not enough sun, though, and we are constantly running up against the edge of muggy.

I've been trying to get a few garden tasks done each day.  Big and looming is removing clutter from my yard... the extant bicycle collection, pails for weeding, tulips dug to be replanted, seedlings that still need a place, plants trays and stacks of plastic and clay pots.  Where to go with all this stuff?  (It's the stuff you don't see in my cleverly staged photos.)

Apple tree with beautiful green lichens

'Blaze' finally reached the top...


Concord Grape tradescantia
Part of the long border...and the neighbors house, you can see why I was concerned over its possible color choice.

Duetzia (white) and May Night salvia (blue)


  1. Oh the long border is perfect! Rain is nice in many ways, so long as you get a little sun between. (It's pretty much what's been happening here in w. Oregon too.) And it appears I am not the only gardener who is desperate for a proper garden shed for the flotsam and jetsom of it all!

  2. Love the long border. I think the neighbor's house looks pretty respectable.