Friday, July 26, 2013

From the Garden: Pictures

Peacock gladiola

"Rejected" daylily

Phlox (not sure which, maybe Laura or Bright Eyes)

Liatris with that daylily bought in a drive-by sale

After last summer's drought and heat the arborvitae that survive are putting up the seed pods, as are the spruce and pine.  In my unofficial tally, from the Fox Valley to Madison, about half the established arborvitae, pines, and spruce died or are in the process.

Fuschia, amaranth 'Green Love', and a dark sport of 'Tilt A Whirl' coleus, back-lit

I continue to find out wonderful things about this pagoda dogwood 'Golden Shadows'. Who knew it had such beautifully colored fruit, similar to the invasive porcelain vine, but bird and native species friendly.  The ageratum is just photo-bombing the dogwood!

The long border gets better and better!

White four o' clock

Purple-tinged 'Summer Beauty' allium and False Japanese Red Cypress 'Boulevard'
Having a garden can bring a lot of things into your life.  The artistic impulse to "frame the shot" and capture a bit of its beauty is one. 

Please enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! where did you find that gladiolus and is it like the garden variety that needs to be dug and stored? I seem to remember seeing similar glads in some catalog somewhere. that is a cool flower!

  2. Love that Gladiolus. The dark purple and white is a great color combination.