Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just A Bit Mulch

Usually where I park my pick-up, now has 20 yards of wood chips!  Eek!
So I am working on plant tags for my annuals on Monday when I hear the Village Maintenance Person chipping brush left on the streetside.  I slip on my shoes and walk down the the corner (the Dr. across and I tend to haul our own, the other neighbors never put anything much streetside).  I ask the VMP if he could dump the chips where I park my truck. I'm thinking to cover the places where the vehicles have killed the grass with a nice rectangle of woodchips.    I've had the VMP do this before, as have a couple other residents from time to time. It's usually about 5 yards.

Imagine my surprise...

My beds are already mulched with commercial cypress mulch this year, not the wood chips, leaves, and twig stuff I typically use courtesy of our recycling/composting program.

It's a bit much.

I'm having a hard time with this mentally.  Was he being helpful, did he think?  Or... malicious?

Then tonight at our village meeting I requested for the garden walk, a bit of traffic control in the form of posted no parking right in front or our houses; Dr. Darrel Apps and I are squarely across from each other on a narrow street with a deep ditch on my side and landscaping to the road on his; and no through-way on the alley that day.  First it is placed on the wrong part of the agenda, under correspondence versus where it probably should have rightly been: new business.  So then one of the Trustees decides perhaps we can't bring it to a vote.

Really?  A clerical error?

Then a discussion, which blindsides me, privatization/abandonment of the alleyway, which is used by 15 different families...but with a right of way to all "interested parties".

Huh?  I'm supposed to pay to have plowed and maintain a road surface of nearly 200 feet so my neighbor can access his garage (which sits half on my property)?

Where did this bright idea come from?

And today, the Master Gardener group did a walk through of my garden (about 50 of them) and someone asked if a hosta was perennial, what a sport was, and suggested they would break off a piece of one of my sedums for themselves...


I was pretty agitated by the end of the walk-through.

Should I have been? 


  1. Wow! Maybe the VMP was being generous!!

    As far as should you have been annoyed, remember that we all were beginners at one point (hence the vocab questions) and a lot of people share their plants when friends tour through their garden. This person probably had NO clue what work and planning and worry you have put in over this walk! I think you are a lil nervous over the whole thing! :)

    I am sure your garden will be spectacular! Relax and enjoy now-- right after you move around your mulch!

    1. Okay, okay. Thanks for talking me down off my ledge. I'm going to go with generous on the part of the VMP, and beginners (even though they are "Master" Gardeners). Maybe I have been stressing and worrying. And I found a State Statute saying they can't vacate the alley if one abutting property owner complains in writing. So, I'm going to relax... a bit. And, start moving that mulch around.

  2. So the tour is tomorrow? I hope it's fun--you deserve to have a good time with it!

    I do wish I could relieve you of some of those wood chips for my veggie garden paths...