Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, It's a Pretty Little Thing

A rejection from Dr. Apps.  (Cute though!)
 After the Armageddon that is pruning the wine grapes and the dappled willow (which I had left a tad too large last year because of the drought and heat, and this year too late because of the garden walk, using my new-to-me (garage sale find/gift from my beautiful SIL) and more powerful hedger (It actually cuts through the stems of the dappled willow versus just tearing them up and getting stalled/stuck.); I am back to admiring daylilies blooming in my garden.

(How many run-on sentence fragments can I jumble together?  I tell you Internet search engines have rotted my brain!)

"Austin's Beauty" and other unnamed daylilies

Daylily 'Strawberry Candy' and gooseneck loosestrife

Daylily 'Saturn...(something)' (LOL)  I don't care for those laterals


One mustn't forget foliage, and there is some interesting stuff in my tiny bed that I have planted tiny things I didn't want to "lose" in the long border or the shrub alley hedge.  I could never decide what to plant there, thinking it should be "special".  It turned into a "holding" bed.  "It" has come up with its own plan it seems...


  1. Those leaves in the center with the deep lobes remind me of Geranium renardii. When it comes to daylilies, I really like the hot colors, orange, yellow, red. Thanks for telling your friends about my Garden Day.

    1. That's the leaf of my very well established bloodroot. It's lobes have become more deeply incised as it has grown bigger and matured (versus the nearly round one of young plants). (And, you're welcome! They're mostly members of my old garden club and for the most part a great group of gardeners. I hope some think about stopping by.)