Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Vegetable Garden

Savoy cabbage
Vegetable gardens are late this season all through central Wisconsin.  Strawberry beds are loaded, though and I have frozen several quarts of berries.  It will be a good year for my grapes, too. Some apple trees have taken a hit from a late frost, but mine is loaded and it appears the coddling moth with the irregular seasons has had a hard time, too.

In the family garden, last night was the first time through the rows with the tiller.  With the rains, a broken plow, Beautiful SIL's new job; the Gardening Twins, Baby Gardener, and I have had a hard pull picking up the slack.  The 4-year old twins have hilled up the potatoes once, though, but even with their help planting seed, part of what we wanted to plant remains unplanted.  Still to go into the ground: more carrots, edamame, cucumbers, and sweet corn.  The fall broccoli waits in a tray, to be transplanted by the careful gardeners the four-year-olds have become.  They take care of all the transplanting, and actually plant all the seed.

Baby Gardener has just (unfortunately) developed a knack of realizing which tool is the most effective in my bucket and latching onto that one for his archeological exploration of the soil.

The first sweet corn is still more than a month from harvest, although the "spring" peas are starting to blossom and there are several small cherry tomatoes visible.

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  1. Yum, fresh strawberries. Any strawberry rhubarb pie in the near future?