Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unfashionably Late...for Garden Walk 2013

'Landini', so dark the pink house looks white
I had planned these all to be in bloom in the borders and accent areas, but they all missed the show!

Maybe it would have been too over the top and given lie to the idea this is a real garden.  Now I can go back to dead-heading roses, and composting/mulching in place, cutting a salad and picking my sugar snap peas, allow my son to park his bike in the yard, and leave my hose out!

And, after my slightly overlong grass on the day of the show has recovered from a lot of foot traffic and the heat wave has passed; I will mow my grass and let it blow onto my lawn (as always!). Although, I was asked what I do with my lawn clippings.  (Sorry! I did not get a bag attachment with my corded electric lawn mower.)
'Algrave' brightening a spot by the pagoda dogwood


Finally the liatris and daylilies

...and nepeta subsessilis,

Veronica 'Eveline' is starting to bloom, right foreground.

And, filipendula is finally in full bloom in front of my garden fence graphic.

More on my lawn, I did not weed and feed so I have a bit of  clover and crab grass.  It is still a fairly beautiful lawn.  I will keep hand-weeding the dandelions and plantain and be vigilant against creeping Charlie (which I presently have none, nor violets.  I will try to eradicate, by hand, the crab grass. 

It will get watered simply because it borders my beds.

I will maintain my bed lines.

I will continue to edit my borders, removing the right plant growing in the wrong place.   I will continue my war on "campanula horribilis".


  1. Very thoughtless of those plants to be late. I am now concerned that my little one garden show will have no blooms - the milkweed and clematis and lilies will be done but the cup plant and joe pye will not have started yet. Plus my wild bergamot is getting covered in mildew. Have to decide if I'm really going to announce this to the neighbors or not.

    1. "There's always something worth seeing..." Weren't you telling me something similar when I bemoaned lack of blooms a week ago?

  2. Plants are such a moving target. Really they need some kind of choreographer out there... I'm so impressed with the electric mower. Love the verticality of the liatris.

    1. I always say gardening is like choreographing a ballet, all three acts at one time!