Thursday, August 22, 2013

County Fair Time

I'm pretty sure garlic took Grand Champion honors last year, too!
 I didn't participate in Open Class in the county fair  this year because I felt overwhelmed being on the Garden Walk.  But I always like to see what everyone else has done.

Obviously a good year for cabbage, but no Savoy types!

A good year for pumpkins, too,despite being so cool.

I keep thinking about entering some of my canning, but it seems so methodical.  Correct process, fill, etc. which you need to list on the label should result in a good product with good color, so I'm not sure what is competitive about it.  Not following the proper canning procedures can lead to an unsafe food item.  Does anyone follow me on this?  Either it is or it isn't.  Still, no one had entered sweet pickle relish, chutney (probably because there were no apples last year), or grape juice.  These are three of the reasons I can.  I was checking out the salsas to see how they compare to mine.  I have just a scant few jars left.

Hey, all! Lots of potatoes!  No blue potatoes exhibited, though!

And out of all the cherry tomatoes, only the one plate of my favorite, chocolate cherry tomatoes, which took Second.

This was different!

These blueberry muffins looked good.

Of course, there was this piece of silliness on the part of Handsome Son and his girlfriend, and ther were funny chickens, and cows, and, of course, funnel cake!


  1. I'll be visiting our state fair next weekend and this post was good mental prep! I totally agree about chocolate cherry tomatoes--they are the best. I grow a couple every year, but I tend to eat the harvests on the way in from the garden.

  2. The chocolate cherry must be very closely related to black cherry, they look so similar.