Friday, September 27, 2013

White-lined Sphinx Moth

White-line Sphinx moth also known as the hummingbird moth feeding on phlox.  It ignored obedient plant, checked out laurentia, and nudged my fuschia.  It kept coming back to the phlox, however.  I've seen a lot of these this year.  I probably had the caterpillar hatch out as I had a number of their caterpillars' favorite foods.

The caterpillars of this species eat these things, most of which I have in my garden.   Luckily, I never saw one of these caterpillars because they're pretty ugly!

  • Willow weed (Epilobium)
  • Four o'clock (Mirabilis jalapa)
  • Apple (Malus)
  • Evening primrose (Oenothera)
  • Elm (Ulmus)
  • Grape (Vitis)
  • Tomato (Lycopersicon)
  • Purslane (Portulaca)
  • Fuchsia

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  1. Yes, I have seen these! They are incredibly cool, looking like something from a Dr. Seuss book. I've also seen another kind called I think a Snowberry Sphinx Moth.