Monday, January 27, 2014

Bitterly Cold!

The sun is shinning, but I don't need to venture out, even if easily could, to know it is so cold outside.  I have never seen the rhododendron's leaves clasped so tightly to the stems!  If the rhodie was human it would have both arms wrapped tightly to its body, stomping its feet, and blowing into gloves.  Like my son it might be wearing its "bank robber face mask", that knitted affair with holes for the moth and eyes only.  I bought it for him in high school because he often walked to school early to work out in the weight room for basketball.  Previously he has been lax on wearing it as it gives too menacing a look on the head of a 6' 4" man.  Like the commercial, evil is lurking.

Evil does lurk this year.  It's name is Polar Vortex. 

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