Thursday, January 30, 2014

Frosty Morning (Yesterday)

It was a frosty morning yesterday.  As the sun rose it glinted off the east window where Mr. Frost had left a painting, "Winter in Historic House".  That I am able to capture the "glint" at all is a miracle of sorts.  Today it has warmed up enough to snow.  And given the size of the flakes, I am predicting 4" here.

The view of the Italianate parterre shortly after sunrise shows only the largest of the spaces bones.  The longitudinal, over-grown privet hedge, the fountain in the middle, the Alberta spruce in each quadrant needing their "spirals" clipped.  It does not show the spirals of yew, the pea gravel paths, nor the 'Autumn Joy' sedum in the shape of a diamond distally from the inner fountain circle.

But they are there, waiting for spring, and the Artist in Residence, Mr. Vortex, to go home...

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